Air Tennis

A tennis game without rackets or balls



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Air Tennis is a game in which, ironically, there are no tennis rackets or tennis balls, just two players, the umpire, and a lot of imagination.

To play Air Tennis, the first thing you need is a friend in the same room, since it only supports local multiplayer mode. Once you have someone to play with, you can start enjoying a very unique tennis game that's different from most others of its type.

As mentioned above, in Air Tennis, there are no rackets or balls, even if they do exist in theory. Because of this, you have to pay attention to the umpire's head movements to guess where the ball might be, and with some luck, you'll be able to hit this imaginary ball.

In the beginning, Air Tennis is pretty confusing, but there's a steep learning curve, and after a couple of matches you start getting the hang of it.

Air Tennis is a fun sports game, which, aside from its entertaining gameplay, also has charming pixelated graphics.
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